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Reefer Carriage

Reefer Carriage

There are a wide variety of cargos transported in refrigerated containers, all requiring unique temperature settings. These cargos commonly range from ice cream, requiring a temperature setting of approximately – 25 degree C, to flower bulbs requiring a temperature setting of up to +30 degree C, with many cargos in between. 

Shipping lines carry refrigerated cargos all over the world, traveling through climates as hot as the torrid summers of the Persian Gulf and as cold as the frigid winters of the Antarctic Ocean. The combination of the cargo temperature requirements and the climatic variations means correct temperature control of the refrigeration unit is essential, ensuring the cargo reaches its final destination in the desired condition. Shipping lines have developed an extensive knowledge and expertise in the carriage of temperature controlled cargos worldwide. We transport our customer’s cargos efficiently and effectively from the point of loading all the way through to the final destination, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition for the final customer. 

We believe it is important that each individual customer receives the specialist attention they require. To this end our Cargo Care personnel establish close working relationships with each customer and together with our Container Technical Department ensure that all their requirements are met.