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Shipper’s Responsibilities

Shipper’s Responsibilities



  • Precise commodity details
  • Container temperature set point in Celsius
  • Fresh air venting in cubic meter per hour (CBM) if required
  • Dehumidifier setting as relative humidity
  • Generator requirement if through refrigeration needed
  • Pre-cooling of container only if appropriate
  • Location for stuffing container and time required on site
  • Hazardous and obnoxious materials must be declared
Container Inspection
Verify container is sound, without visible defects, all panels secure, and is clean internally.
Operating check if generator supplied
Set point correct, and temperature chart correctly endorsed (if fitted).
Check container pre-cooled, if required, when container to be stuffed through a port door.
Ensure that cargo is at correct temperature and in packaging that will protect product throughout the transit. Ensure stows are below the red load limit line, and not extended beyond the T-section floor. Air circulation through the cargo needed for respiring products.
To be minimized and doors closed if necessary. Unstuffed cargo to be returned to store to maintain its temperature.
Door seal
Close doors on completing stuffing and secure them with company supplied seal, record seal number.
Legal requirements
Ensure all legal requirements including documentation for import country are completed.
Any discrepancies are to be reported to shipping line as soon as reasonably possible.